Residential Electrical Contractors

If you’re looking for quality residential or commercial electrical services in the Greater Toronto Area, check out Canadian Wire Wizards. We have over a decade of experience providing professional electrical services to many of our residential and commercial clients.

Our clients trust our high-quality services and market-competitive prices. We’ll make sure that we get the job done right the first time—every time.

We pride ourselves on our efficient electrical services. Whether you need a complete rewiring of your commercial property or just a change of light plates at your home, give us a call. Our professional electricians will ensure a job well done.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with employing a certified electrician with in-depth knowledge of the trade. We care for our clients’ safety—that’s why we ensure the availability of our licensed electricians around the clock through our emergency electrical services.

Residential Electrical Repair Near You

We offer our clients same-day services. No matter which electrical service you require, our team of professionals will be ready to provide you with their experience and knowledge.

Canadian Wire Wizards’ certified electricians use the most innovative equipment and technology to effectively and efficiently get your job done. Our fair prices are ideal for any budget, and we ensure that we work within the quote you receive.

Whether you have a problem with your outlet wiring or need a new ceiling fan installed, our wide range of services are sure to include the job you require us to do. We also offer code violation correction services to ensure that all components of your electrical system comply with local regulations.

If you have an electrical emergency on your hands, you don’t need to wait it out. We offer you emergency residential electrical services 24/7 to prevent any safety risks. At Canadian Wire Wizards, our clients always come first.

Are you looking up residential electrical services near you? Contact us today to receive a free quote for the job.

Knob And Tube Replacement

If you have an older house, it likely contains knob and tube wiring. Many people have voiced their concerns about this type of wiring since most insurance providers don’t cover properties that use it. This has caused a lot of individuals to seek knob and tube replacement in Toronto.

Knob and tube wiring is also known as open wiring and was used in the early 20th century to provide electricity to residential properties. Due to advancements in wiring technology, knob and tube systems aren’t used in recent residencies anymore.

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code provides stringent regulations about the circumstances under which knob and tube wiring systems are permissible. This is because knob and tube wiring no longer meets the functionality and performance requirements that modern houses demand. A functional, stable electrical system is necessary for us to carry out our day-to-day routine.

An old and weakened knob and tube wiring system can be a hazard. It might overheat and deteriorate, thereby causing poor connections and putting your family’s safety at risk. Faulty open wiring turns brittle and is likely to cause electrical fires.

Open wiring replacement is a job best left to professional electricians. At Canadian Wire Wizards, our team of certified electricians will provide you with cost-effective, speedy knob and tube wiring replacement in Toronto.

We inspect our clients’ properties before undertaking an open wiring replacement job. Our electricians in North York understand that each residential property is different. We provide you with customized services to fit your needs—whether you’re looking for a consultation or require aluminum rewiring.

Do you need emergency residential electrical services? Get in touch with us today.

Commercial Electrical Services

Your commercial property is likely among your biggest assets. When selecting commercial electrical services, you must trust your provider’s approach to your problems.

You also need to ensure that your electrical services provider is registered with the Electrical Safety Association (ESA). This registration proves that your electricians are licensed and will carry out the job in full compliance with local laws and safety and health regulations.

At Canadian Wire Wizards, our electricians complete their training and are licensed by the ESA’s Electrical Contractors Registration Agency. Our individualized electrical services are perfect for any commercial property.

Over the last decade, our customers have grown used to our dedicated customer care and expert workmanship. We believe in the importance of open communication between our certified electricians and clients. We will inform you of all your options and provide you with detailed quotes to ensure that we work within your budget and needs.
Are you looking for commercial electrical services near you? Contact our licensed electrical technicians today.

Why Should You Choose Canadian Wire Wizards?

Our electricians are licensed and comply with all ESA requirements. Electrical systems can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and improperly trained or uncertified electricians’ services can cause fires and other health hazards. We train skilled technicians to ensure our clients’ safety and provide them with the premium electrical services they deserve.

Canadian Wire Wizards’ qualified, licensed technicians have a strong work ethic. We believe that efficiency and punctuality are the cornerstones of our practice.

Our customer-centric approach has made us popular among clients in the Greater Toronto area. We pride ourselves on our impeccable service and dedication to quality. Whether you require a consultation, inspection, or rewiring, we’ll deliver the job to your satisfaction.

Get a Free Quote Today

Are you looking for an electrician in North York? Our superior electrical services will fulfill your every requirement. We offer our clients no-obligation, free estimates for any job they want done.

If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency, our certified technicians are available around the clock to provide you the services you need. Contact us today for your free estimate.

ECRA/ESA License # 7013256

Canadian Wire Wizards is a licensed electrical service contractor providing high quality custom home wiring, knob and tube replacement, and service upgrades to the Greater Toronto Area. Our electricians have been working in the trades for over 10 years.

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