Commercial Electrical Services

Business or property owners often require commercial electrical services for the up-gradation, repair, and routine maintenance of electrical systems.

It is crucial to ensure that you work with trustworthy commercial electrical services near you that deliver timely and reliable solutions at a call.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, then Canadian Wire Wizards is your #1 choice!

Our team has over a decade of experience and all our electricians are fully licensed and insured. Our excellent reputation was built on quality workmanship, reliability, and prime customer service. We are happy to take on a variety of projects regardless of size and scope.

We understand that when running a business or managing a property downtime due to an electrical concern can have serious repercussions, both financially and in terms of productivity. That is why Canadian Wire Wizards offers prompt response times, accurate quotations, and efficient work.

We Do It All

Whether you need wiring for a brand-new build, electrical repair, maintenance, or rewiring of an existing system, Canadian Wire Wizards can get the job done! Our technicians have a wide range of knowledge and experience and are fully equipped to tackle any commercial electrical project.

If you are looking for residential electrical repair near you, that is also something we specialize in. Reach out to us today for a free quotation.

Commercial Services

Canadian Wire Wizards offers a full range of commercial electrical services for business and property owners in the Greater Toronto Area.

Service Upgrades

No matter how reliable your commercial system is now, it requires maintenance and updates to function optimally. A service upgrade improves your building’s safety and utility while ensuring you meet all current building codes.

If you have an older building you may find that the electrical system is simply not enough to meet your current usage needs. Here are some of the signs that your system may need an upgrade.

  • Lights flicker or shut off entirely when larger appliances or machines are turned on.
  • Equipment shuts off for no apparent reason.
  • Extension cords are running between different circuits to balance the load.
  • Breakers frequently trip when running multiple appliances or machines.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

It might be time to consider an electrical upgrade for your system. Additionally, these issues are safety and fire hazards and it is definitely in your best interest to address them.
Canadian Wire Wizards are experts offering electrical services near you. We guarantee to get you the electrical system you require.

Knob & Tube Replacement

Knob and tube wiring was the standard in properties up until the 1930s and a bit beyond. If your building still has it, it’s time to give us a call.

There are several reasons why our services for knob and tube wiring replacement in Toronto are beneficial to property owners.

  • Demand for electricity is much higher than it used to be. Knob and tube wiring was not designed to meet these loads and is often unable to cope.
  • If you have knob and tube wiring in your building, it must be quite old and unsafe. This is perhaps the most important reason to have it replaced.
  • Knob and tube wiring will likely not be operating properly, resulting in power outages, shortages, shocks, and even fires. This puts your employees and patrons at risk and can impact operational efficiency.

Canadian Wire Wizards specializes in knob and tube replacement for Toronto business and property owners. Call us today to discuss your current system and let us take care of the replacement process.

Panel Replacement

A damaged or outdated electrical panel in your commercial property can pose several issues.

It may not provide the electrical output levels that are required for your current setup, machines, and appliances. Older panels that are stressed, rusted, or even damaged can potentially lead to electrical fires.

Our team of licensed technicians can determine your current electrical needs and replace your existing panel safely and efficiently. We can also replace older style fuse boxes with modern breaker panels providing you a better functionality.


The technicians at Canadian Wire Wizards are particularly experienced when it comes to rewiring older commercial properties. We can turn out of date, damaged, expired, or inefficient wiring into an appropriately functioning system for you.

If you are looking for an electrician in North York who can help with this type of project, contact us today!

Additional Commercial Electrical Services We Offer

  • Landscape lighting
  • Fire alarm installation
  • New construction wiring
  • Store & office wiring
  • Lighting & power installations

Why Choose Canadian Wire Wizards?

We are a locally owned and operated company serving the Greater Toronto Area, with more than ten years of experience working with local properties. Our technicians have a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code that allows us to adequately meet those requirements and ensure your building’s safety.

Our customers have come to count on us for fantastic customer service, prompt response times, and highly competitive pricing.

With us, you only pay what we quote you. This means that if we miss something along the way, those costs aren’t passed on to our customers.

Safety is always our number one priority. We guarantee you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to hiring out electrical work.

Got questions? Want a quote? Ready to discuss your project?

Let’s talk.

Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


ECRA/ESA License # 7013256

Canadian Wire Wizards is a licensed electrical service contractor providing high quality custom home wiring, knob and tube replacement, and service upgrades to the Greater Toronto Area. Our electricians have been working in the trades for over 10 years.

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