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We serve homes and businesses across the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking for electrical assistance in Scarborough or need an electrician North York residents can access quickly and easily, Canadian Wire Wizards is here for you.

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With over 10 years of experience, our electricians are highly qualified and have a wide range of installation expertise. Canadian Wire Wizards has a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability and customer service. We are always trying to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations!

Whether you’re looking for electricians who can carry out home electrical inspection near you or have a rewiring or lighting project planned, you can rely on us to get the work done promptly, safely and to an exceptionally high standard. Our experts are up-to-date with all updating and rewiring, making us the electrical contractors of choice for property owners.

At Canadian Wire Wizards, we offer only the best for home and business electrical contracting in Toronto. We are your one-stop-shop for home and business electrical services. For commercial and residential electrical repair near you, one call to us is all it takes for skilled, competent and friendly electricians to be on their way to you.

From simple jobs through to complex, whole-house electrical wiring projects, you can depend on us when you need electrical residential contractors near you. No matter the size or scale of the task, we guarantee great results and a customer-centred service experience.

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We recycle over 75% of the “waste” we generate. We sort through, separate and organize all the different recyclables (different metals, plastics, cardboard/paper products, Styrofoam) and make sure they get recycled properly.

If you are looking for residential electrical services near you and want to choose a team that works with recycled materials, Canadian Wire Wizards can help. Although our commitment to customer safety means that we would never use secondhand or recycled components that might be dangerous, our specialty in working with older or vintage wiring systems means we are often able to bring their features back into use through sensitive updating.

If you prefer to use recycled materials in your next lighting project, we are always happy to take a look at what’s available on the market and come up with a tailored solution that meets your needs. Also, if you’ve got an old light fitting you want to retain or want to update your lighting system with minimal disruption, we have the right skills and experience to get the job done.



Provide GTA contractors and homeowners a “safe place” when choosing electrical services.

At Canadian Wire Wizards our mission is to provide honest, trustworthy, and stress-free expert electrical services while always keeping our customer’s best interests at heart.


Although we can create high-grade, custom wiring solutions for almost any property, Canadian Wire Wizards are particularly adept at completing installations and wiring jobs of older electrical models.

If you own an older property (either commercial or residential) and are wondering where to find a licensed electrician near you who can bring its electrics up-to-date, we’re the tradespeople who can get the job done.

Similarly, if you’re looking for electrical contractors near you who can install older light fixtures or create lighting that showcases your property wonderfully well, Canadian Wire Wizards are the company to use.

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If you own an older property, chances are it will have had knob and tube wiring installed at some point in the past. Commonly used in properties right up until the 1930s and beyond, it’s still fairly common to see this old-style, traditional wiring in use.

If an electrical inspection of your property reveals that knob and tube wiring is still in place, here are just a few reasons why you’ll need to get it replaced:

  • The demand for electricity in homes and businesses is much higher than it used to be. In the digital age, it’s not uncommon for a home or office to have dozens of electronic devices drawing on mains power simultaneously. This degree of demand wasn’t what knob and tube wiring were intended for and it’s therefore little surprise that it’s frequently unable to cope.
  • Over time, even well-installed wiring will degenerate: knob and tube wiring is no exception. It’s highly likely that old wiring is unsafe, which is why prompt replacement is important.
  • If you’ve taken over an older building that’s still got a knob and tube wiring system installed, you may well also have outdated circuitry, inadequate safety features and a sub-standard fuse box. All these deficiencies can increase the chances of short outs, power cuts, electrical fires and even electrical shocks. All these deficiencies can increase the chances of short outs, power cuts, electrical fires and even electrical shocks.

Why risk it? Call (416) 755-2700 to discuss an upgrade and replacement of your current knob and tube set-up.


  • Specializing in rewiring older homes and new custom home wiring

  • Replacement of old knob and tube wiring by fully licenced electricians

  • Upgrades and Smart Home Automation

  • 100 Amp – 200 Amp panel changes and 100 Amp – 400 Amp service upgrades

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics


Searching for commercial electrical services near you that are delivered by fully qualified, time-served tradesmen? Call at (416) 755-2700.
We offer a complete selection of commercial services, which include:

  • 120/240 Volt single phase to 347/600 volt 3 phase main electrical service upgrades
  • Service Panels Upgrades
  • Stores/Offices Wiring – need commercial electrical contractors near you that offer great rates on whole-office or retail facility re-wires? Call at (416) 755-2700
  • Lighting and Power Installations

Licensed and Insured Electricians

“There are things done today in electrical science which would have been deemed unholy by the very man who discovered electricity, who would themselves not so long before been burned as wizards.” BRAM STOKER

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Canadian Wire Wizards can provide an electrician Scarborough residents and those in the rest of the Greater Toronto area may call on for customized electrical solutions.

To find out more about electrical services near me from Canadian Wire Wizards, please email us at or call us at (416) 755-2700 to make an appointment.

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Canadian Wire Wizards is a licensed electrical service contractor providing high quality custom home wiring, knob and tube replacement, and service upgrades to the Greater Toronto Area. Our electricians have been working in the trades for over 10 years.

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